Thinprep Digital Campaign

Cervical cancer is one of the most common causes of deaths in women worldwide. Nowadays, there are more choices for women to prevent their health. “Hanh Phuc Thieng Lieng”, a famous campaign run by Stella in parnership with ThinPrep Pap Test to raise awareness of the importance of cervical cancer screening, achieved social media interactions during 3-month launching.

I. Project Implementation Timeframes

In general, the women’s awareness of cervical cancer was not comprehensible, and they are based on a lack of awareness of the importance of having a regular screening test. The women do not recognise how serious cervical cancer affects the ability of motherhood. The key message “Hanh Phuc Thieng Lieng” in the campaign, which ran from May 11, 2016 to August 2, 2016, were about the spiritual happiness when women are in childbirth experience and later mother-infant without cervical cancer.

II. About ThinPrep Pap Test

This Pap test technique designed to reduce some of the technical problems in the traditional type of Pap smear. Traditionally, cell samples in Pap test are obtained from the vagina, cervix, cervical canal and spread on a glass slide. Regardings to ThinPrep Pap test, cell samples are collected using a special brush that is immediately washed in a special fluid. The ThinPrep Pap method cover more some advantages. It removes contaminants such as blood and mucus which frequently obscure cells in the traditional Pap smear. The monolayer of cells is also easier to examine under the microscope. This results in an increased rate of detection of abnormal cells.

To raise awareness about this convenience Pap test, the campaign includes three specific time units that are displayed in the illustration so you can easily follow the main keys.

III. Project ‘s requirements

About the target:

The campaign is designed to adapt three purposes:

  1. Raise awareness about taking a regular screening cervical cancer test in the community.
  2. Provide knowledge about LCB methods is more effective than the tradiational type of  Pap Smears screening cervical cancer.
  3. Introduce the ThinPrep Pap with more advanced benefits.

About the audience

  1. Female and Male
  2. Age: from 22 to 65
  3. Live in the city center.

About time: During 3 months

About the predicted budget: around 1,500USD

IV. Agency Proposal

Microsite, Facebook Page and Youtube are important tools in this campaign. Each tools have different channels to execute such as clip viral, website, SEO, Facebook Ads, Forum Seeding, Email, SMS,…

  1. Using Google Adwords: Buy related keyword to cervical cancer from Google. Suggest keywords is divided into 3 groups namely Cervical cancer keywords, Branding keywords, Competitor keywords. When audience research keywords which is related to cervical cancer, they can see our advertising as fast as possible.
  2. Using SEO to optimize website in other to interact the customers at the first click. Time for SEO runing during 3 months with the same keywords as Google Adwords.
  3. In regard to Facebook Ad, the advertising display in the news feed and the right column to raise awareness and get the impression about carvcial cancer.
  4. Forum Seeding is another way to PR. We create the topic and content to build conversation and discussion with the member in these forum namely,,,;


V. Achievements:

After 3 months launching, this is the results the campaign recieved.

The viral clip “Hanh Trinh Thieng Lieng” got more than 10,0000 viewers after 1 month.

New website is created for cover more information about Pap Smears, especially the ThinPrep Pap

Facebook page create content and publish on fanpage more information, tips, styles and healthy about screening test cevical cancer. Facebook Ad is paid to approach more customers.


The discussion and topic occur in 4 forum namely,, and forum.bacsi to let the audience research and know more about cervical cancer.

Google Adsword chose the right keyword and these keyword are on top of the research list in google site.

The campaign is paid for Public Relation Online such as Afamily.